About Kitchen for the Poor

MLK Kitchen for the Poor feeds anyone who walks through its doors — regardless of race, age, sex or religious belief.

The MLK Kitchen for the Poor was established in 1969 by the late Rev. Harvey Savage, Sr., in response to the tremendous need he saw in his community. Located in Toledo’s central city, the Kitchen feeds more than 200 people each day, from school children to the elderly. Some clients live in nearby housing projects or single-family homes; others are homeless. According to the U.S. Census (2000), the median income in the neighborhoods served by the Kitchen is just $5,502.

In addition to serving meals in its dining room, the Kitchen also:

  • Delivers meals to the elderly and area shut-ins
  • Serves hot meals to neighborhood children during summer vacation
  • Provides ingredients for food-stamp recipient families to prepare meals at home
  • Helps needy families with meals during the holidays
  • Matches “adoptive” families with needy families to provide gifts for Christmas
  • Provides clothing, toys, counseling and support for the immediate community


You may view our Tax Exempt Status Form (990) here (PDF).

You may view our 2011 Annual Report here (DOCX).

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