“I am so grateful for all the Savage family and the kitchen did for my family.”

— Willie Ward, Sr.


Our proud history, our wonderful legacy of service.

The late Rev. Harvey Savage, Sr., established the kitchen in 1969 in response to the tremendous need he saw in his community. Located in Toledo’s central city, the kitchen feeds more than 200 people each day, including school children and the elderly. Some clients live in nearby housing projects or single-story family homes while others are homeless. The median income in the neighborhoods served by the kitchen is about $5,500.

The kitchen’s current executive director is Harvey Savage, Jr., who agreed to head the organization when his father died.

Leadership & Board

  • Harvey Savage, Jr. Executive Director
  • Johnny Horn Assistant Exec Dir
  • Tyneka Forrest Board President
  • Taylor Savage Board Vice President
  • Mario Govela Treasurer
  • Jeff Swiech Interim Secretary
  • John Savage
  • Johnny Horn
  • John Chapman
  • Angel Hurns
  • Kathy Baldoni
  • Jahnee Horn
Organizational Details

Annual Report

Each year brings new challenges and hope for our community. View this year's annual report here.

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Tax Exemption

We operate as a tax exempt organization. You can view our Tax Exempt Status Form (990) here.

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