Feeding the hungry with love, compassion and respect since 1969.

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We are welcoming.

We accept all who walk in our door, up to 200 people a day, most days. We are always ready to lend a hand, to listen and to serve without judgment.

We are respectful.

We know the people we serve have dignity – and pride. We honor them, and we are honored to serve them. If they want to talk, we listen.

We are community.

We are proud to know that people consider us a part of their extended families. The kitchen is a family whose members watch out for one another.

We are necessary.

We’d like to know a day will come when there would be no need for us. Until that day, we do what we feel called to do, and that is to feed the hungry.

What people are saying about MLK Kitchen

We're fortunate there are many people eager to share their feelings about the Kitchen with us -- and with you.

I am very grateful and honored to serve on the board for Martin Luther King Kitchen for the Poor, by which we promote Martin Luther King’s message of equality, regardless of race, economic or social status and helping the less fortunate in our area. Our board is committed to continuing Harvey Savage Sr.’s, dream of giving back to the community. The gratitude from the children and adults as we serve them a hot meal, provide new coats and gifts to the children at Christmas, and the annual Thanksgiving meal has touched me in a profound way. I’m so thankful to the countless donors who support the kitchen monetarily, with their time and through food contributions as well. I’m grateful I was selected to a board position and to know we are making a difference in the Toledo community.  

Karen Hover, Chief Operating Officer, Seacoast Brokers, and Kitchen board secretary (in the picture, on the left)